8 Important tips for packaging delicate products


27 December 2021

Packaging your delicate products is highly important
It is not important how great your goods looks, tastes or feels once it leaves your company, the single thing the client is interested in is the condition its in after it arrives on their doorstep.

So it is extremely important to select a courier company which is fast, efficient and also cares about your goods and takes a pride in carrying them in proper form and condition. However for using such a company, it’s also very important that you share your part by ensuring all goods are carefully and firmly packed. This is typically true for fragile items.

Below we have provided you with 9 important tips to guide you to package delicate items efficiently:

1.Use durable, strong packing which will keep its form if the parcel comes into contact with other stuff for the period of transportation.

2.Use fillers to make sure goods don’t move around inside the boxes. There are a number of proper products such as polystyrene chips, bubble wrap, shredded paper, polyethylene foam or air cushions. Package small parts, like legs or arms of dolls, separately.

3.At all times mark your package fragile so the courier knows the goods are delicate. And also make sure that it is done next to the cautious packaging and not in its place.

4.In addition to making sure the items do not move around inside the boxes, equally make sure not to over fill boxes or they may burst open.

5.Seal your boxes securely – strapping is the best choice but if you do not have access to a strapping machine then use abundant durable tape.

6.Spend in high quality packaging products; from the boxes to the tape there is no point in being economical on quality when your products, and eventually your company’s name, are in danger.

7.If you will be delivering fragile items frequently, then do plenty of trial tests and put them under some properly severe testing before giving them to your courier business. Finally everything can be transported securely you just need to do your best for finding the greatest packaging for your certain product.

8.Avoid over packing. Ensure packages can be simply moved by the courier; a full, or heavy package is at higher risk of being dropped than one that is controllable.

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