The importance of deliveries during COVID-19


27 December 2021

The illness which was caused by COVID-19 is a global disaster and the only way to fight is self-isolation.
The question is that if we need to stay at home and avoid unnecessary contact with others, how can we handle everything? How can we prepare the family basic needs?

Delivery services are one of the most important part of a self-isolation plan.
Imagine the world without delivery services, you had to go out for everything you need or simply deliver something to someone else. In the case of COVID-19, this would lead to the higher infected and death rates across the world, from the virus transmission chain.

One of the easiest way to cut the transmission chain of the virus is to stay at home and use delivery systems in order to have the lowest face to face contact with others in the society.

Deliveries have lots of advantages such as:

• Helping people not to go out for every single needs during quarantine and follow up the self-isolation plan. Everyone can buy or deliver anything using delivery platforms.

• Peer to peer connections and also range of the infected people will be decreased.

• People may have more time to spend with family and take care of their children. Child care costs will decrease too.

• Traffic will lower down and the environment will have a chance to recover. The air pollution will be lowered down and overall, the earth will be relaxing. Social distancing has improved the air quality because most of the factories were closed down.

As a result of social distancing, schools and universities were closed down and all the classes are held through video conferences.
People are using social media to be in touch and avoid face to face contact. Mobile apps usage has been increased and of course all of these will have associated costs.
Nowadays in such a competitive ambient, customer service is an important factor in customer loyalty. However, it remains the case that the service quality of contact center agents are not going to be monitored, scaled or even managed by many societies, despite the fact that the relationships can be broken by a specific single interaction between them and the customer.
Most of the online shoppers who complain about online shopping are those with the same issue that the provided pictures or videos of the product are not exactly the same as the real product.
These are the drawbacks that were created during the lockdown period.

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