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What is Peyk?

Peyk is a British delivery platform that was founded at 2018 to specialise peer to peer deliveries. Ever since, they have expanded services to merchants and enterprises through their innovate tech solutions.

How did we collaborate?

Pass Delivery has used the technological infrastructure of Peyk in Qatar. They have a world class architecture of platform that is exactly what Pass is designed for

What's the strategy?

We are collaborating to benefit from their operational experience, know-how and tactics. At the end, a team is what makes a strong startup.

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As part of their ongoing developments, Peyk has announced its first autonomous delivery robots known as the peykBot.

We were priviledged to collaborate with them to use Qatar as the trial of their first operational run. The peykBot successfully completed its trials in August at Qatar’s Musheireb town in the intensely hot weather in august 2022.

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How can we help?

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