Terms and Conditions of Use

These terms and conditions related to use are legally binding, either in person or on behalf of an entity (“you”) and “the company”, “us”, “Delivery Company”, or “ours” regarding your access to us and using the website of Pass Delivery Company in addition to any other media form, media channel, website on mobile phones or a mobile phone application linked or connected in any other method (indicated collectively as “the website”).

You agree that by entering the website you have already read, understood, agreed on commitment and adhered to all these terms of use.

The terms and conditions or additional documents that can be published on the website, from time to time, are included expressly herein according to reference and we retain the right, at our own discretion, to carry out changes or amendments on these terms of use at any time and for any reason, therefore, we will notify you of any changes by updating the “latest updates” for these terms of use. Also, you shall waive any right of receiving a specific notification for each change of this kind, where you are responsible to review these terms of use periodically and remain aware of updates that will be subject to changes in any amended terms of use through continuous access to the website, after publishing these revised terms of use, and that you are aware of and agree to the same.

The information presented on the website is not meant to be distributed or used by any person or entity, in any city or country, where this distribution or use is in breach of law or regulation which will subject us to any registration condition within this city or country.

Accordingly, individuals who select to access the website from other websites do this by their own initiative and they will alone be responsible to comply with local laws.

The website is designated for users not less than ten years of age and all users who are minors in their city of residence (generally, under 18 years of age) shall have the permission of their parents or guardian who directly supervise/s use of the website.

If you are a minor: You shall request one of your parents or your guardian to read these terms of use and agree on the same before using the website.

The purpose of the website and our services:

Pass delivery company provides services on the website that operates as an electronic transportation platform. It allows the client to enter the data of the item to be transported and then receive the offer from the service provider through the electronic platform and the clients using the services on the website are subject to the following terms and conditions:


In this agreement, unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms shall have the indicated meanings:

“Website”, “us”, “first person pronoun” or “possessive pronoun”:

Indicates the website and Pass Delivery Company; inside the state of Qatar.

“User”, “you” or “second person possessive pronoun”

Indicates the individual who visits or uses the website or subscribes for membership on the website, whether a service provider or a client. As well as, every natural or moral person who displays merchandise on the website, for the purpose of transportation by the service provider on the website.


The person who has the right to receive the merchandise and/ or movable items from the service provider, either in person or by delegating someone to receive the same on his behalf.


Each driver employed by the service provider who drives the vehicle or any other means used in the transportation and delivery process.

“Merchandise” and/ or “movable items”

Any materials, equipment, goods, merchandise, animals, documents or other items, of different weights, that are not prohibited in the state of Qatar.

“Parties of the transportation and delivery process”

Indicates the service providers, the sender and the consignee

“The vehicle or any other means of transportation”

Each and any individual shipping vehicle or any other means of transportation allowed to operate on roads and used for transportation.

“Transportation and delivery document”

The document issued by the service provider to the client and is considered as proof that the transporter received the merchandise and/ or movable items, the subject matter of transportation and delivery, in the condition clarified therein, to deliver it to the consignee in the same condition.

“The cargo manifest”

Indicates the list of merchandise or movable items loaded on the vehicle in the single trip and it includes the description, numbers, weights and dimensions of the merchandise and/ or movable items, as well as addresses on the senders and consignees.


Indicates the electronic transportation and delivery intermediation service; provided by the website to the parties of the transportation and delivery process.


The extent of satisfaction of the sender and the consignee as measured regarding the performance, the quality of transportation and delivery offered by the service provider.


All texts, information, data, images, logos, videos, advertisements and anything published by the user on the website.


This document and the included terms and conditions, the privacy policy, all service providing policies and all agreements and policies that complement and execute your agreement with us.

“Agreement Annexes”

Represents all descriptions of the service published on the home page of the website or the subpages which is considered an integral part of this agreement.

“Parties to the Agreement”

All persons who are subject to the terms and conditions stipulated in this agreement along with the included rights and obligations.

“Our Services”

The website provides transportation and delivery services for a varied collection of merchandise and/ or movable items.

Legal Scope of Our Services:
  1. The website operates as an electronic platform to transport merchandise and/ or movable items, and our role is limited to this. We do not have any supervision or monitoring authority over the transported item, its content or source. In addition, the client/user acknowledges that he/ she/ it gives the security departments permission to inspect the merchandise and/ or movable items, according to the related legal controls. Furthermore, the client acknowledges that we are neither representatives nor agents of the clients/ users and no provisions of the labor law, power of attorney, guarantee or any other legal provisions related to legal liability for acts of followers or others shall apply on us and you expressly agree to the nature of our work and our role and deal through the website from this perspective.
  2. Our role is limited to delivery and we do not accept any liability concerning the transportation and delivery process, also we are confined to deliver the merchandise or movable items “from and to”.
  3. The website is not considered an internet service provider, website hosting provider, information content provider, or service provider and is not to be dealt with as a publisher of any content published on the website or through any feature available for communication on the website.
  4. You are aware of and acknowledge approval to exempt the website from any liability caused by acts of others.
Legal Nature:

You acknowledge having the necessary legal capacity to conclude and approve this agreement and that you have full and unrestricted legal authority according to the following conditions:

  • A- Registration as a normal person
  • It is a condition that the user of the website has to be 18 years of age or more, if you were under this age, you can use the website services only under the supervision of a parent or guardian without breach to any other rights of Pass Delivery under this agreement or law. Also, the website retains the right to restrict you access to the website or terminate your membership if it is found that you are not yet 18 years of age.
  • The description of services and subpages of the website prepared by it is considered an integral part of this agreement.
  • It is a condition that the website user has to have the necessary legal capacity to conclude contracts and we are not responsible to verify the capacity of any of the website users.
  • By using the website services you approve this agreement and acknowledge that you are legally bound by the terms and provisions stipulated in the document or its amendments.
  • B- Registration as a Trade Entity:
  • If you are registered as a trade entity, you acknowledge that you have the authority to make this entity adhere to this user agreement and that you and the trade entity you represent will be subject to all valid laws related to trade through the internet.
Digital Signature:
  1. For services requiring registration: through registration to obtain an account at the website or through clicking to accept service terms when requested on the website, it is considered that you executed this agreement and the other service terms electronically and is deemed legally enforceable against you from the date of account registration or from the date of clicking to accept the service terms.
  2. For services not requiring registrationyour use of these services is considered an express agreement from your side to the terms and conditions stipulated in this document and all other policies and it is legally binding from the date of using the service.
Membership Registration:
  1. It is a condition that the user registers in the platform by his/ her real name and refrain from using any nicknames, unreal or misleading names. Once you register as a natural person, you represent yourself only since the account is based on personal consideration.
  2. It is a condition that the moral person registers in the website using its trade name and refrain from using any anonymous, unreal or misleading names. Once you register as a moral person, you acknowledge that you are the legal representative of this person.
  3. The user undertakes to preserve the confidential information of his/ her/ its account such as user name and password and that he/ she/ it is responsible for any disclosure of this information to others as well as being liable for any use by a person to whom such confidential information is disclosed.
  4. The user undertakes to inform the website immediately in case of a hack, account theft or the discovery of any illegal use of his/ her/ its account on the website to enable us to make the necessary technical procedures to preserve the account.
  5. You may not use the account of another person at any time without obtaining an express approval.
  6. The website retains its right to suspend or delete any membership that breaches any clause or paragraph stipulated in the terms and conditions of the website, the privacy policy or any instructions issued by the website administration or if he/ she/ it assaulted the website administration, employees, workers, transporters, drivers, users, members, visitors or others while using the website.
  7. According to this agreement, the user allows us to show the membership name and some of the registered data and the account photo to other users and website visitors and it can be used for purposes of promoting website services or other purposes.
Terms and Conditions of Merchandise and/ or movable items:

Merchandise and/ or movable items the user/ clients request to transfer through the website shall be subject to the following controls:

  1. Merchandise and/ or movable items shall match the definition of merchandise and/ or movables mentioned in the first section of the terms and conditions and they shall be legal and licensed under applicable laws.
  2. It is prohibited to transport intoxicating or alcoholic substances or items that encourage gambling. Also, it is prohibited to transport weapons or ammunitions of which possession is considered a legal crime. Furthermore, it is prohibited to transport merchandise that breach intellectual property rights, trade rights or privacy rights of others.
  3. The user/ client shall clarify all data of the merchandise or movable items to the service provider which will carry out the transportation and delivery process including the details, weights, nature and otherwise.
  4. It is prohibited to transport packages and movable items including (glass, crystal, fragile items, cash, cheques, original documents, gold, jewelry and valuable items). The user/ client bears alone all the risks if he/ she/ it requests to transport the items mentioned in this paragraph.
  5. It is prohibited to transport hazardous substances including (any simple, compound or mixed substances or waste, whether natural or manufactured, which shape a danger on the environment or any of its elements and the safety of organisms because of being toxic, flammable, able to explode or erode or any of the solid, liquid or gaseous substances classified as hazardous substances under the provisions of international agreements).
Terms and Conditions of Users/ Clients
  1. The user/ client is allowed to use her/ his/ its account on the website for the purpose of transporting merchandise and/ or movable items and he/ she/ it acknowledges discharging the liability of the website for any delay or failure to execute obligations resulting according to these terms and conditions in cases of force majeure.
  2. the client undertakes to review the agreements, terms and conditions, privacy policy of the service provider whom he/ she/ it decided to contract with and accept its price offer and the client is informed that these terms and policies can be applied in the relationship with the service provider.
  3. The client undertakes to authorize the service provider to transport merchandise and/ or movable items and the user/ client guarantees having all legal authorities enabling him/ her/ it to issue this authorization and the client also undertakes to provide all documents and papers that prove ownership of the merchandise and/ or movable items requested to be transported.
  4. The client undertakes to clearly specify the services required to be executed by the service provider and agrees with the same on the consideration in exchange of performing the service and its duration.
  5. The user/ client acknowledges that submitting the application on the website means that he/ she/ it has reviewed the prices, fees, cancellation mechanism, redemption and approved the mechanism of payment. The client undertakes to pay all fees related to the transportation and delivery as well as any other amounts needed for the transportation and delivery process.
  6. The client bears all the consequences resulting from delay of transportation and delivery or any error, if such is due to wrong information, addresses, papers or documents provided by the user/ client through the website.
  7. The client/ user is held liable in case of agreement to transport any illegal merchandise and/ or movable items or those that breach the provisions of this agreement.
  8. The client allows the service provider to view his/ her personal identity and to examine things required to be shipped to confirm they match the previous conditions and the user/ client is liable in case of breach of this commitment without any original or subordinate liability on the website.
  9. The client commits to disclose, at his/ her own accord, the content of the merchandise and/ or movable items to the service provider and the website with enabling the service provider to inspect the merchandise and/ or movable items and their contents.
  10. You are informed and agree that the website has the right to disclose the information related to clients and users or any party of the transportation and delivery process to each other for the purposes of providing services.
Terms and Conditions of Users/ Clients
  1. The client presents the application for transport and delivery on the website.
  2. The value of the transport and delivery process is according to the price lists displayed on the website, with noting that price lists and fees can be changed.
  3. The client/ user commit to pay the commission due to the website by any electronic payment means.
  4. The website bears no legal liability for any errors in the electronic payment process carried out by the user/ client, also, the website bears any bank fees related to the transfer.
Cancellation Policy:

The user/ client has the right to cancel the transport and delivery application through the same application/ website.

  1. The website and ideas expressed in it are our own intellectual property right and any imitation or quoting of the website or some of its services (including ideas, texts, symbols and software) is considered a breach of our copyright and we shall take all the legal procedures against perpetrators of such a breach.
  2. All contents included or available within website services such as (texts, logos, images, diagrams, audio recordings, button icons, digital contents, reloaded materials, and software and data collection) are owned by the website and are protected by the laws of the state of Qatar and international copyright laws.
  3. Collecting all data listed in the services of the website or making the data available through any of our services is an exclusive private ownership of the website and is protected under the Qatari and international copyright laws as well as valid international agreements such as Berne Convention and TRIPS.
  1. Pass Delivery website and related logos are trademarks and our specific service marks.
  2. Images, logos, page headers, button icons, texts and service names are trademarks and trade designs related to “Pass Delivery Company”.
  3. It is prohibited to reproduce the trademarks or designs of “Pass Delivery Company” website in any advertisement or commercial without a written permission from us.
  4. Trademarks and designs of “Pass Company for Delivery” may not be used in relation to any product or service that is not ours to protect the value and credibility of the website and its clients.
Conditions of using the website:
  1. The user/ client undertakes to be accurate when entering information required on the website and is responsible to revise this information periodically for correction, amendment or update whenever new information is available to you in this regard, provided that you keep all data and documents referring to these.
  2. All information you disclose must be real, updated, and correct, expresses you and matches the requested in our registration form.
  3. If you provide incorrect, inaccurate, unsynchronized, or incomplete information or if we have reasonable reasons to suspect that this information is incorrect, inaccurate, unsynchronized, and incomplete or is inconsistent with this user agreement, and without breach of any other rights according to this agreement or law, we will suspend or cancel your membership.
  4. The user acknowledges that he is responsible to preserve the confidential information of his/ her/ its account such as the user name and password and is liable for any disclosure of this information to others as well as being liable for any use by a person to whom such confidential information is disclosed.
  1. You agree to receive communication from us, we will contact you via e mail, mobile phone number, by publishing notifications on the website or by other website services.
  2. You agree that all agreements, notifications, disclosures and other communications we provide for you electronically fulfill all legal terms, as if they were written, and it is equivalent in producing its legal effects.
  3. The website requires your approval during the registration process to send you messages via e mail, mobile phone number or on the website for promotion purposes to notify you of any changes or new features or activities added to the website.
  4. If you decided at any time that you do not want to receive promotional messages you may deactivate receiving these messages by texting us, however, in this case we do not guarantee that you will fully enjoy our services.
  1. You expressly agree that you use the “Pass Delivery Company” website at your own responsibility.
  2. You are responsible to maintain using the website seriously and credibly and are committed to compensate any losses or damage that may incur to the website as a result of any illegitimate use or use it in a way not authorized by us.
  3. You agree not to use the website of “Pass Delivery Company” or any service provided through it illegally, fraudulently or in a way against the community, as deemed by us.
  4. You agree not to send any racist messages or those containing slander or libel, impolite expressions, obscene images or those generally described as “bad taste”.
  5. You agree to compensate the website, discharge its liability and defend it against all lawsuits and claims that may be filed or claimed by others as a result of your using the website to ship an illegal item or if you breached these terms and clauses or the rights of the other users.
Conditions of Discharge from Liability:

We provide our services “as available” without any undertakings or guarantees of any kind, express or implicit, in relation to using this website, its content or the services available on it.

  1. The user commits to the changes and amendments carried out by the website on applicable policies and shall accept any amendments deemed appropriate by the website.
  2. At any time we may perform any amendments or improvements we deem necessary on the website, to increase its effectiveness, and the user commits to any directions or instructions provided by the website in this regard.
  3. You may not change, amend or replace any clause of this agreement without a written approval from the website.
  4. We have the right to amend our terms and conditions at any time and we will update the “date of the latest update” on the top of this document.
Valid Law and Competent Judicial Authority

You acknowledge and agree to be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the state of Qatar in relation to any conflict, issue or litigation arising in relation to or as a result of these terms and conditions, the amendments, its annexes or this website.

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