Autonomous delivery robots in Qatar


23 August 2022

Growth in consumer demands calls for a growth in more prompt & efficient deliveries. In the past one year, we have made tens of thousands of deliveries to individuals through our Pass mobile application as well as to local businesses and their customers via our state-of-the-art business dashboard.

At Pass, we have always prioritized delivering goods with the least amount of carbon footprint. In accordance with this aim, we are bringing short-distance autonomous deliveries by introducing the first ever delivery robot in the State of Qatar. Our strategic collaboration with Peyk, one of the most promising British delivery platforms, has allowed to us expand our service by utilizing their expertise and technology. These robots will transport packages within short distances to provide our customers with a conveniently smooth and quick last-mile delivery solution.

Our robots are currently being tested in Msherieb, the ideal location to conduct such smart, autonomous deliveries. The robots weigh about 50 kg and have a length of 1 m and a width of 45 cm. With advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, the device is more efficient in terms of battery consumption and speed. To promote greater sustainability, our company aims to achieve a significant number of zero-carbon deliveries by the end of 2023.

We would also like to thank Gulf Times, Peninsula Qatar, News Qatar, Qatar Living and Al Sharq for sharing our new launch.

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