5 reasons to use Pass for your deliveries


27 December 2021

As the customers needs continue to change, businesses should alter their services to meet the customer demands and they should also search for methods to update their product and services. One of the most important ways that companies can provide for their customer needs is to use a parcel courier application like Pass.

Pass allows businesses provide the best possible experience to their customers. With the use of available features in the application, companies and businesses can deliver the parcels to their clients in the fastest, cost efficient and most reliable way.

Recently, we’ve updated the application and added some new features that definitely businesses will enjoy. Now, you can do the things in our application that were not possible in the past.

You can quote, track and also send a document or a parcel by using the Pass as never before.

If you are not sure which delivery application to use, here you can find some reasons for trying Pass which is a professional courier service and is probably the best delivery decision you can make if you want your parcels and documents arrive in one piece, and without any delays or issues.

1) The cheapest delivery in the city!
When we were creating our new application, we came to this conclusion that companies don’t want to pay extra for their parcel and document delivery, for this we decided to keep our delivery costs to a minimum. If you are searching for instant delivery at very low cost, Pass application can help you with your deliveries.

2) Flexibility and Convenience
Mobile applications have turned to an important way for the companies to communicate, pay for their expenses, and find new customers. consider if you are on a plane and want to send a parcel. This is not only possible; but it is also crucial for all companies to take the lead in their competition.

3) Excellent Customer Service
When you are using Pass as a delivery application on your phone or computer, you can get excellent service from our support team. If you have any problem with your orders, you can always use the live chat or request for call feature to solve your issues.

4) Faster service During Rush Hours
Rush hours can be frightening once you decide to go out and pick your favorite food from your favorite eating place. Sometimes when the sits in a restaurants are not enough and it is not easy for restaurants to pay enough attention to all the customers. You need to stand or wait for a few minutes to be served.
These kind of issues can be avoided by ordering meals online and delivering your food with Pass. You can make sure that you receive your food with no problem in your workplace or home.

5) 24/7 Availability

With Pass, you can deliver parcels and documents 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you can deliver your parcels in evenings, weekends or even public holidays. Thus, you are able to send important documents or parcels when there are no other delivery companies available.

How Can You Download Pass?
Pass is free to use and you can download it by using the Google Store for Android or the App Store for iPhones.

Your feedback are always welcome and we can use them to develop and make our application better, please feel free to provide us with your valuable suggestions or thoughts by emailing us at [email protected]

How can we help?

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